Mickey`s Monkey Party

Live aufgenommen am 5/6 März 1995 in der Manufaktur, Wuppertal von Tim Buktu

1. Welcome
2. Blue Sky
3. Old Maid Boogie
4. Good Luck
5. Way Home Down Load
6. Wake up
7. Hip Autumn
8. Hey Good Lookin'
9. Let You go
10.Lookin' for somebody
11.Lonely Town
12.My one and only Love
Mickey Neher: drums, voc.
Christian Brockmeier: keys.
Carlos Boes: sax., flute
Kai Sruwe: double bass

"Wake up"
Live aufgenommen auf dem JOE Festival im Satirico-Theater, Essen, am 21.01.1996 

1. Blue Sky (Funky Version)
2. Old Maid Boogie
3. Good Luck
4. Waiting for the Miracle
5. On the Run
6. Wake up
7. Good Couple
8. Lonely Town
Mickey Neher: drums, voc
Christian Brockmeier: keys,back voc
Roman Qweck: sax, flute
Kai Sruwe: double bass


Volume Dry

Aufgenommen im July 1997 in der MSH Hilden von Stefan Hönerbach

  1. All you
2. Time is runnig
3. Women
4. It don't work
5. Grow up
6. White hawk
7. White hawk
8. Porter of yor life
9. Morning train

Mickey Neher :voc., drums
Chistian Brockmeier : Keys, back. voc
Carlos Boes : tenor / bariton sax.
Kai Struwe : bass , back.voc



recorded:januar 2005 at heyday studios by andi herr mixed and mastered by andi herr + mickey neher at heyday studios

Carlos Boes : sax , flute
Stu Grimshaw : bass ,
Martin Scholz : Orgel ,
Mickey Neher : voc. , dru
1. new love
2. down in france
3. how long
4. all along the watchtower
5. smokey town
6. shiny spring
7. vibra shuffle
8. princess of a fool
9. sufferin' blues

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